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Equine Team Building Corporate Events

Looking for an unforgettable team-building activity that has a lasting impact? Step outside of the office and into the paddock…

Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL) offers a unique approach to developing communication, leadership, and teamwork skills using horses.


From small businesses to large corporate groups, Rusty Jade Ranch offers a customized session to meet all your needs and provide your team with a memorable, engaging, and interactive event.

Our Equine Assisted-Learning events have the demonstrative ability to:

  • Inspire Innovation & Initiative
  • Cultivate a Culture of Communication and Support
  • Drive Transformative Teamwork

Our team-building events cultivate an environment that allows groups to step outside of their comfort zone and into an environment that improves group dynamics and delivers lasting change.

Horses are intelligent, sensitive, and social animals. They look to us to communicate, guide, and lead them. In Equine Assisted Learning, horses look to us to guide them through a set of tasks. This program pushes participants to utilize their leadership and communication skills in a whole new context.


Why work with horses?

Masters of Leadership

Horses are intelligent animals, who look to us to communicate and lead them. EAL pushes participants to utilize and develop their leadership skills in a whole new context.

Unspoken Communication

Verbal communication only goes so far when working through EAL exercises – pushing participants to communicate through their actions, teamwork, and collaborative problem-solving.

Interactive and Engaging

Our horses join your team-building exercise as wonderful and well-mannered teammates. This engages the whole group and allows room for breakthroughs and connection.

Intentional Learning

Each exercise has been carefully developed through a research and result-driven approach. All experiences are customized to address your team’s goals.

Our Facilities:

All corporate sessions are held in our indoor arena. Following your equine learning session, enjoy refreshments or a catered lunch in our meeting room facilities.

What our Clients have to say:

“There are not enough good things to say about Rusty Jade Ranch…It is family-owned and operated from a place of love. Kelly, Brad, and their team have immense care and respect for their herd of horses. It is unlike any other barn I’ve ever been to.”

Kelly Solowka is Certified by Dreamwinds:

Dreamwinds is a centre of EAL Excellence providing best-in-class EAL certification training. As experts in the field of Equine Assisted Learning, Dreamwinds is the only certified training facility for the Cartier Farms EAL Facilitator Certification Program and is committed to promoting the development of top-quality facilitators and EAL services across North America.